Makerspace and Coworking Solutions

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Why a Makerspace

Creativity is something we are all born with. As children we love to color, play with Playdoh, build with Legos and indulge our imagination. As we get older sometimes we lose the opportunity to create. We lack the tools and space to nurture the creative side of our human nature. Creatorpult’s mission is to provide the tools, space and supplies to give our members the ability to nurture their creativity so their imagination can become reality

What we do

Makerspaces benefit the community by giving creative people other creative people to be around. Proximity to other makers on a regular basis helps to keep ideas flowing. The nearest decent-sized Makerspace to Haverhill is a half hour’s drive. Creatorpult provides Haverhill residents a place to let loose their creative side only a short walk from downtown or a short drive from anywhere in the Haverhill area.

Services Offered

Custom 3D Design and Printing

Let Creatorpult print your designs or bring your idea to us and we will work with you to create the design for you, then iterate through the design, prototype, print, test process to the final design for your project.

3D Printers

Creatorpult offers 3D Printers for most project types and sizes. We offer several small footprint Desktop models like the excellent Prusa and Ender3 for projects 1cubic foot and smaller, a fully enclosed printer that can print Multiple colors as well as large build area printers that can handle projects up to 2 feet tall.

Laser Engraving, Cutting and PCB Milling

Mill PCB's for that electronics inspiration that woke you last night, cut the parts for a music box for Mom and engrave her name on it for that extra bit of personalization. Our laser cutter can handle projects as large as 20” x 28” and has pass-through capability for repeating cuts, for example cutting out multiple copies of a T-Shirt graphic design.

Shared and Dedicated Workspace

Our Shared Space for members contains various sizes of tables as well as several workstations on locking casters that can be moved and combined together. Connect several for that huge diorama you and your friends are working on or use them by themselves on smaller projects. Or move them to the corners of the room for movie night.

Safety First

Creatorpult provides members with all of the necessary safety equipment for working with our tools and machines. Breathing masks, eye and ear protection, first aid kits and fire extinguishers are all on hand for when they are needed and, more importantly, included in your membership.

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