Makerspace and Coworking Solutions

Services Offered

Custom 3D Design and Printing

Let Creatorpult print your designs or bring your idea to us and we will work with you to create the design for you, then iterate through the design, prototype, print, test process to the final design for your project. Creatorpult offers 3D Printers for most project types and sizes from small footprint Desktop models like the excellent Prusa and Ender3 for projects 1 cubic foot and smaller, fully enclosed printers that can print Multiple colors all the way up to printers that can handle projects up to 2 feet tall.

Laser Engraving, Cutting and PCB Milling

Mill PCB's for that electronics inspiration that woke you last night, cut the parts for a music box for Mom and engrave her name on it for that extra bit of personalization. Our laser cutter can handle projects as large as 20” x 28” and has pass-through capability for repeating cuts, for example cutting out multiple copies of a T-Shirt graphic design.

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