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Intro to 3D Modeling

Intro to 3D Modeling


Intro to 3D Modeling

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This 2 day class is part 1 of 2 follow-up classes to our Intro to 3D Printing class.The series includes:

- Intro to 3D Printing
- Intro to 3D Modeling
- 3D Printer Build Workshop

Length: 8-9 Hrs

In this 2 day session we will cover the basics of Fusion 360 and 3D Modeling, We will go over the basics of creating models that can be printed well on standard 3D Printers.

Topics to be covered will include:
Day 1:   Installation assistance*, Sketching & Basic solids 

Day 2:   Patterning, Sweeping. Exporting 3D files.  Web Resources

There will be Q&A sessions at the end of each day.

* Please show up 1/2 hour early if you need assistance installing Fusion 360.

It is required that you bring a laptop to this course. You can get a free student license for Fusion 360 at

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