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3D Printer Build Workshop

3D Printer Build Workshop


This class is the second of 2 follow-up classes to our Intro to 3D Printing class.The series includes:

- Intro to 3D Printing
- Intro to 3D Modeling
- 3D Printer Build Workshop

Length: 4-5 hrs

This workshop runs from 10am to 3pm or as needed. In this workshop we will cover, in depth, the different parts of a typical entry-level 3D Printer as we build it. The cost of this class includes the purchase and shipping of a Creality Ender 3D Printer Kit.


The goal of this workshop is to provide students with an in-depth look at the inner workings of a typical 3D Printer and take some of the mystery out of the technology.

The class will start with a short (1hr max) basics lesson about the tools needed, fasteners and the metric system for those that need it. After that we will have a thorough overview of your kit. We will discuss the purpose of each part and how they function together. Once that is complete we will assemble the printer and print a test print. While the test print is printing we will go over the Cura slicer application, it’s different settings plus print troubleshooting, causes and fixes for failed prints.

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